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Sturdy, Stylish Pallet Gate

  • 1 pallet

  • medium

  • 10h

  • $25

Don’t spend your hard-earned money on poor quality, stapled wood gates. Build your own Sturdy, Stylish Pallet Gate – even if you only have a damaged pallet!

How I upcycled a damaged pallet into this Sturdy, Stylish Pallet Gate:

It all started with a pallet with missing planks. The planks it did have were cracked and weathered. I applied a bit of elbow grease, using a hand plane and some sand paper, and salvaged some beautiful wood!

I built this gate to my specific needs, so there’s no drawing. Sometimes it’s hard to create a good blueprint when you’re starting with a damaged pallet, too!

I measured and then built the inner “H”-shape, using the outer deck boards that formed the H as my overall length (before trimming it out). I cut boards to use on the back of the gate for the slats to be attached. I mounted one at the top of the H-shape, one wide lead deck board for the center of the H to connect and stabilize, and a third at the bottom of the H-shape. I pre-drilled all the holes to prevent further splintering and used outdoor screws to attach it all together.

I used more deck boards to trim out the gate and mitered the corners to highlight the natural beauty of the wood and to highlight my hard work:-D Because this will be exposed to the elements, I wanted to use a less-toxic but useful product, so I went with linseed oil. It has a proven track record; it’s budget-friendly, and it’s easy to apply.

Then I built the frame for the beauty that I worked for with my own hands to adorn, and after a few coats of linseed oil, it was complete. This project took about ten hours to finish, only cost around 25 dollars, and used one pallet! Now I have a Sturdy, Stylish Pallet Gate I can rely on and admire for years to come.

Sturdy, Stylish Pallet Gate Pallet Fences

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Pam Thompson Herlacher

Linda Marie Rivera back porch gate?

Linda Marie Rivera

Pam Thompson Herlacher that will be perfect!

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