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Stunning Patterned Pallet Side Table

  • 1 pallet

  • medium

  • 15h

  • $10

I made this Patterned Pallet Side Table for my wife to go alongside the rocking chair I made for her. It is a combination of pallet wood and rough-oak remnants I had leftover from making the rocker.

Don’t be afraid of playing with designs. This Patterned Pallet Side Table is proof the extra cuts are worth it!

I made the top and feet using one small pallet. The leg and border on top are oak. It is about 24″ x 24″ x 21″ tall.  I like the crossed foot design but found attaching it to be a challenge at first. The pattern on top, featuring a mixture of wood, is unique and goes well with the chair. I put a light stain on the legs and lots of poly on the top. I fastened the leg from above and glued the last square in place afterward. It would be a bear to take apart, but it isn’t going to fall apart. My only regrets are the gaps that appeared after it acclimated to the humidity difference from my shop and the house. I wish now that I had edge-glued the top before gluing it to the backer which I made from 1/2″ plywood. However, I learned a lot from my first pallet project.

Stunning Patterned Pallet Side Table Pallet Desks & Pallet Tables
This outrageous side table is PALLET WOOD! Go ahead – try those patterns!
Stunning Patterned Pallet Side Table Pallet Desks & Pallet Tables
This table could be an heirloom piece – and made using pallet wood! <3
Stunning Patterned Pallet Side Table Pallet Desks & Pallet Tables
The crossed-foot pattern is an attractive touch and provides a wide, sturdy base.

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