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Snuggly Pallet Doghouse Lounger

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My dog kept curling up in this little dirt area in a shady area of the house. I decided to make him this quick and easy  Pallet Doghouse Lounger so he’d be more comfortable, dry and still able to see around his yard. This doghouse is a simple, basic box that measures approximately 60cm (approx. 23.5″) square. I installed a piece of Perspex (acrylic plastic sheeting), so he’d have his own doggy window to watch his yard. I found a piece of scrap corrugated tin for the roof, and he loves it!

My Dog’s Pallet Doghouse Lounger:

First, I started with a pallet, so my dog wouldn’t be sitting in mud on rainy days. Then I filled in the gaps on the pallet deck with spare boards. I used stringer boards from a 2nd pallet to create the vertical corners, cutting the two in back longer to create the sloped roof. Next, I simply framed in the two sides with pallet deck boards, cutting a couple of the pieces to get the slope height correct. Next, I carefully pre-drilled the Perspex sheeting after cutting it to size and installed it with screws top and bottom. The finishing touches included a scrap piece of indoor/outdoor carpeting, along with a comfortable doggy bed and a snuggly blanket for my furry friend. I think you can tell that my little fur-child highly approves of the new Pallet Doghouse Lounger.

Snuggly Pallet Doghouse Lounger Animal Pallet Houses & Pallet Supplies
Snuggly Pallet Doghouse Lounger Animal Pallet Houses & Pallet Supplies

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