Pallet FurniturePallet Coffee TablesRed Oak Iron-banded Pallet Coffee Table

Red Oak Iron-banded Pallet Coffee Table

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I designed and made this Iron-Banded Pallet Coffee Table using red oak pallets for durability. I wanted the look of an old door, so I had to do some fabricating to create hardware to create that illusion.

My Iron-Banded Pallet Coffee Table:

First, I cut metal pieces to make simulated hinges and a keyhole, both of which I had to cut out and grind down. I had to apply a couple of different finishes for the effect I wanted. To begin, I applied an American chestnut stain, let it dry and then sanded it. Next, I applied a black tea stain on top of the first color to give it a more realistic look that I was going for.

Iron-Banded Pallet Coffee Table – aging the metal:

I used an aging mix of vinegar, peroxide, and salt. To begin, I sprayed it on and let it sit outside overnight. The mix will create a layer of rust. But before I could even apply it, I had to use a wire brush to remove the remaining anti-rusting agents off. This was because the metal was new.  The final finish was a generous coating of gloss clear coat to protect the rust I achieved and kept it from rusting any more than it was at that point.

Iron-Banded Pallet Coffee Table – Links to “recipes” for you:

Editor’s note: Boil some water and pour it over enough black tea bags to make a very strong tea. Allow the bags to steep for at least an hour. When the tea mixture has cooled, apply it with a paintbrush and let it soak into the wood. After a few minutes, use a lint-free cloth to sop up any excess liquid. [source: Organic Gardening].

Editor’s note: Wearing your safety goggles and gloves before you start! Now, mix up a batch of rust accelerator adding ingredients in the order given:

    • 16 oz Hydrogen Peroxide (use a fresh bottle)
    • 2 oz White Vinegar
    • 1/2 Tbsp Salt

You can mix this accelerator solution directly in the spray bottle if it has a wide mouth or you can mix it first in the measuring cup, making sure to dissolve the salt and transfer it into the bottle with a funnel. By the way, I did see recommendations of up to 8 oz of vinegar but I tried that, and it didn’t really work as well as 2 oz. You can experiment with the proportions, but this worked well. Same with the salt. It won’t hurt to add a little more, but again, this worked so far. Tighten the spray bottle cap and shake well to dissolve the salt.

Red Oak Iron-banded Pallet Coffee Table Pallet Coffee Tables

Red Oak Iron-banded Pallet Coffee Table Pallet Coffee Tables

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