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by John Walker

Powered Pallet Vanity Corner Desk Unit

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Wouldn’t this Pallet Vanity Corner Desk, complete with a large mirror, lots of lighting, extra outlets, and a handy switch be terrific? But wait! It gets better. It has spacious drawers for convenient storage options, and plans to improve it are in the works.

Pallet Vanity Corner Desk – Great for now, but better soon!

First, I built the two drawer frame, cladding the sides with pallet deck boards. Next, I used stringer boards to frame out the remainder of the L-shaped desk. This includes the legs, table supports, and the lower braces where the shelf will eventually be installed. Then, I covered the sides and top with more deck boards. I alternated the direction for a bit of visual appeal. I built a sturdy mirror frame, mitering the corners.

Pallet Vanity Corner Desk – Finishing:

I stained the entire desk unit and framed a rich brown color after sanding it relatively smooth for comfort and safety. I pre-drilled holes for the wiring and light mounts, ran the wiring, and then installed the light fixtures and outlet/switch.

Powered Pallet Vanity Corner Desk Unit Pallet Desks & Pallet Tables

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Looks nice, just wish you had some pics of the project from start to finish.

Rochelle Lafrentz
Rochelle Lafrentz

Mark Scully…pallet time can u bring some nice ones home? :):)

Mark Scully
Mark Scully

Yeah nah

Rochelle Lafrentz
Rochelle Lafrentz

please it would get all the makeup in one place :)

Tammy Varnell Ahrens
Tammy Varnell Ahrens

We need to start collecting pallets.

ErickaandJohn Walker
ErickaandJohn Walker

Thank you for the featuring my work.

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