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by Julio Bailer

Philly Eagles Fan Pallet Coffee Table

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So you’re an ultimate fan? PROVE it with a project like this Philly Eagles Fan Pallet Coffee Table! This table only took three pallets to make. It was really easy construction, but the emblem was time-consuming.

Philly Eagles Fan Pallet Coffee Table:

The table measures 22″ wide x 36″ long x 18″ tall.  I didn’t have to use a lot of hardware; I attached it together with brad nails and screws. First, I cut pallet stringer boards to length for the legs. Next, I framed it out and made a modified herringbone pattern for the center section that encircles the emblem. I framed it out with more deck boards cut on miters. Then I added a lower shelf to provide a little bit of magazine/book storage (or maybe extra game day snacks). I sanded everything down smooth.

Philly Eagles Fan Pallet Coffee Table – adding the cool factor:

I used Glidden paint to create the Eagles emblem. I purchased samples to get the right colors to recreate the Eagles, logo, which makes the overall project cost about $20.00. Next, I stained it using two different tones; one a light cherry tone and the second a rich brown. When everything was dry, I applied a coat of a gloss polyurethane and allowed it to dry. Next, I did a light sanding to remove any bubbles or imperfections, wipe the dust down and applied a second coat.

This table is VERY heavy. I call it the shin-killer because it’s not moving if you run into it. Besides the new bruises on the legs as I get used to a new piece of furniture in the house, it was a really fun project and basically really easy. You could do many variations, such as skipping any patterns in the top.  Or, you could butt-join the frame if you chose. You could even choose ANOTHER team’s logo if you wanted. :)

Philly Eagles Fan Pallet Coffee Table Pallet Coffee Tables
Philly Eagles Fan Pallet Coffee Table Pallet Coffee Tables

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Fran Rich

j’espère que la tête d’aigle est faite avec de la pirogravure!!!!!

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