Patio Pallet Sofas

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I started this project, very first project of our new home!! Wanting to make a nice sectional for the patio under our deck, after I started I found my idea morphing into what it has become, and now I love it! The fact that if We want to rearrange the furniture if we wanted is awesome and opens up other ideas for the future without having to get rid of or loath having a big bulky sectional.

I used about 24 pallets for the two of these, six on each base, the stringers from 3 for the back supports and the planks from about 3 for skinning them. Cut the pallets long ways for the bases and stack three high and two wide, best to find matching pallets for this, so they aren't all different sizes like mine were. Add vertical posts for the back support; I got some great newish looking pallets that really made the job easy, wide and thick stringers and good wood.

After that, I ripped a stringer and made wedges for the back, screwed those to the supports and top of the base. At that point, I just skinned the whole thing with plancks, filled in the gaps on the seats and added four wedges made from stringers to the bottom to lean it back a bit for comfort. We got the pads from a garden ridge, used their "gusseted bench" cushions. All in all, it took me about 8 hours spread over a few days, four boxes of screws, two boxes of 3 1/2 in wood screws and two boxes of 3/4 wood screws, the 24 pallets, and four cushions. I think in the future we plan to add arms to these and stain them but for now, we are just enjoying them. Hope this helps some people!

Good luck "Invention, my dear friends, is 93% perspiration, 6% electricity, 4% evaporation, and 2% butterscotch ripple." Willy Wonka.




Ken Mack

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Zeal Spencer
Zeal Spencer

Surement un piège à mouche/abeille… Je me suis posé la même question :)

Xavier Laurent
Xavier Laurent

C’est quoi la bouteille sur le côté svp ?

Marie Machhadani

un piège à guêpe !

Xavier Laurent
Xavier Laurent

Ok. Merci pour la réponse… Je pensais à une sorte de lanterne-bougie…

Emilie Nicole

Ce sont des lampes à pétrole pas des pièges !!!

Xavier Laurent
Xavier Laurent

Tu peux m’expliquer la fabrication de ces lampes à pétrole stp ?

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