Pallets Tree

Pallets tree by Ottica Pesaresi, Bellaria-Igea Marina (RN).

Pallets Tree Pallet Home Accessories


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Michael Bennett

Ryno, show some pics of your wine bottle tree at Evening Star.

Julie Carlon

Dianne Hickey your next Christmas tree

Karla Corrao

Just plant a damn tree!

Trac Peters

Mandy Jayne . your whimsical tree perhaps?

Manuela Confalonieri

BEAUTIFUL….but only of Wood is really recyclided

Scott Tucker

Like it but I can’t help thinking this is adding insult to injury. It’s a tree made out of other dead trees.

Nicolas wupuy
Nicolas wupuy

This is a really nice piece of art , I want to make one myself for my backyard.

Jan-Dick Anderson

Wow!!!.A tree built out of wood,Thats amazing”

Marie-elise Ducimetiere

Excelente para reemplazar el árbol de Navidad en el emisfero sur …. En la mitad del patio

Jimmy Cartone

tuer des arbres pour créer des arbres lol

Moses Milmore

Colette Clayton for teh xmas tree

Reynald Marette

Chouette le porte mateaux :-)

Kristy Weston

Wow!!!!! Beautiful!!!

Eliane Caccavo

Frankenstein tree.

Valerie Chambres

Superbe idee

Jhean Jan

Rita Maria Carrelo olha que massa…

Kim Musgaard Jakobsen

Lad os bygge en skov Jens Ingwersen

Rebecca Parzynski

Mike Dentico then fill with bird houses /feeders

Jens Ingwersen

Simon Kunstmann Kim Musgaard Jakobsen – katballe karma træer!!!!

Roy Keller

wow that a nice tree

Céline Elinaelric

Facile d entretien, ne perd pas de feuilles et ne s arrose pas…

Valérie Pigerre

Tuer un arbre pour creer des palettes….detruire ces palettes pour recreer un arbre….quel ironie….

Oliv Dowson via Facebook
Oliv Dowson via Facebook


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