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Pallet Wine Racks

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Here’s a party in your pallet! These two Pallet Wine Racks were the result of too many days off. I simply took some previously cut boards and went for it.

Here’s how I made my simple & fun Pallet Wine Racks:

If you look, the shape for the wine racks is naturally there in the pallets already. I just had to cut the decorative pieces applied to the bottom. I cut a small block into a curved shape and attached it to the inside of the wine rack to keep the bottle from rocking side-to-side. Next, I cut a template of that curved block to be able to make more of those cutouts. They’re sort of visible in the first photo below. I made sure to make a template of that little bottle block for making more racks as needed. I’ll finish the racks with a lacquer to seal them well.

I’m making more of these because they’re fun and simple, and can be endlessly personalized for gifts. My Christmas gifts are already started!

Pallet Wine Racks Pallet Home Décor Ideas Pallet Shelves & Pallet Coat Hangers
Pallet Wine Racks Pallet Home Décor Ideas Pallet Shelves & Pallet Coat Hangers

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Hi, glad you liked it. If I were to hang it myself I would probably drill 2holes either side and align it level to the wall and use wall plugs to fix it. I would try to hide the fixings as best as possible.

Alex Serban
Alex Serban


That looks very nice.

What would you use to screw it to the wall?


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