by Breysse Cyrille

Pallet Sink

Creation made with recycled EURO pallets and an old reused sink.

Pallet Sink Pallet Desks & Pallet Tables

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Hello i have a similar is 80cm long x 45cm deep and 18cm high. What size is that sink and how many kilos it weighs?also did you use and thick wood for the frame?thank you

Joel Teissie

Mon voisin a fait un salon de jardin

Sabrina Cocci Gourlain

Fred Gourlain

Auka Kapak

Gonna make one like that

Jimmy Reilly

Maggie Norris ???

Francois Narvaez

Manuela Narvaez

Manuela Narvaez

C’est pas tout à fait ca mais tu a compris le style ? maintenant faut trouver

Sébastien Cavaillé

ça va encore piquer des palettes a ce que je comprend…. mdr

great looking sink stand. Just what I need for my garage. Is there any way I can get the plan for this or could you email them to me. Thanks

Karina Alejandra Bermudez de Ceballos
Karina Alejandra Bermudez de Ceballos


Grant Levis
Grant Levis

this looks very awesome and massive sink in porcelain..

Gallou Sohan
Gallou Sohan

Moi c’est l’évier dont je recherche !!!!!! Gggrrrr

Norberto Santana

re orijinal¡¡¡¡¡¡juani¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

Debra Sund

well done :)

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