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Pallet Sandal Letterbox

This is our first pallet project… We moved into our new home in Melbourne and decided to add kiwi flavor on our street… Recycled wooden pallets used as the base and our son’s bike tire used as straps.

Pallet Sandal Letterbox Pallet Home Accessories
Pallet Sandal Letterbox Pallet Home Accessories

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Gavin Jones

Ben Hart found some shoes for you….

Ben Hart
Reply to  Gavin Jones

You sure they fit?

Gavin Jones
Reply to  Gavin Jones

maybe a shade small

Ben Hart
Reply to  Gavin Jones

Damn thought so like looking at them :'(

Wicus Erasmus

in South Africa we call them “sloffies” :D

Françoise Bazin

on peu vraiment tout imaginer avec des palettes ! même une boîte aux lettres de ministre

Joy Lee

What the hell is a jandal? I guess it depends on what part of the world your from as to what they’re called!! I guess we’re gonna have to agree to disagree on this one lol!!! Here in Oz we call them thongs or pluggers!!

Elizabeth Gonzalez


Joy Lee

It’s a thong not a bloody sandal!!! But I love it and want one too lol

Karin Robertson
Reply to  Joy Lee

I love it too but I’m afraid it’s a jandal;)

Nathan Sharpe

Lol I love it

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