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by Beverly Lee

Pallet Ottoman

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C’mon! Put your feet up and relax! You Can’t? You COULD if you made yourself a Pallet Ottoman!

How you can make yourself a Pallet Ottoman so you can kick back and relax:

This project was made from one pallet. The sides have a 1 x 6″ and 1 x 4″ board, which are put together with a 2 x 4″ board to make a complete square. I installed braces to secure all the sides.

When I finished assembling the box structure, it was time to make it comfortable! I covered the wood with fabric batten and stapled it in place. Then I upholstered it with a gray suede-look fabric. I’m pleased with the outcome, and as I had the material anyways, why not make a perfect place to put my feet up?

Some options would be to put the Pallet Ottoman on wheels for easy mobility; multiple tons of fabric (such as a change at each board), or padding the top and leaving the sides exposed. And those are only a few suggestions! You could make the top removable so you could have more storage, too.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my pallet idea!

Pallet Ottoman Pallet Furniture

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