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by Jarrod Ferry

Pallet Ottoman Wrap

  • 2 pallets

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Soft furniture can be a big problem: No solid surfaces for your beverages. Make a Pallet Ottoman Wrap like this and solve that problem.

Here’s how I built this Pallet Ottoman Wrap:

I used two reclaimed pallets to make this project. First, I had to separate the boards from the stringers, but I did it carefully! I reused the nails! You could use whatever fasteners you wanted or your Pallet Ottoman Wrap. I measured and cut the boards to custom-fit my ottoman. However, I took photos and will share what I did so you can adapt the idea. I made the end pieces from sections of stringer boards. I used four L-brackets, two on each side, to provide additional support and stability.

Next, I sanded the entire table to get rid of sharp edges and splinters. I started with 80-grit but progressed to 120-grit for the final sanding.

Finally, I painted mine a dark brown to go with the lighter brown tones of our furniture, but you could stain, varnish, or even shellac it if you wanted.  After everything is assembled, you want to sand the whole thing down to get rid of any splinters or sharp edges ( 80 grit and progressing to 120 grit sandpaper is preferred). Then, depending on your desired look, you can stain it or paint it.

To further protect the wrap, or if you want to give it a better look, spray or brush on at least three light coats of polyurethane. Be sure to wait at least four hours between each coat to let it dry properly in a well-ventilated area.  Now our soft ottoman does double duty as a convenient coffee table when we need, but converts easily for seating or lounging. Hope you are inspired by my Pallet Ottoman Wrap and find the description helpful!!

Pallet Ottoman Wrap Pallet Coffee Tables
Pallet Ottoman Wrap Pallet Coffee Tables
Pallet Ottoman Wrap Pallet Coffee Tables

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