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by Ricky

Pallet Gas Meter Cover-up

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Here’s a brilliant – and simple – idea to cover up those eyesore utility meters. Make yourself a Pallet Gas Meter Cover-Up! I built this pallet cover-up box with leftover pallet and other wood pieces, and I think it looks GREAT!

My Pallet Gas Meter Cover-Up:

First, you have a decision: depending on where your utility box is, do you need a sloped roof for weather or is a flat roof okay? If you need a sloped roof, build the back of the frame at least an inch taller. Then you would need to angle the tops of the frame boards. Then, build a frame that will enclose your utility meter, and create any cuts or holes you’ll need for the plumbing. BE SURE that none of your mounting points will be near the existing plumbing!

Next, install your deck boards to enclose the two sides. You’ll have to decide if you want them flush (as shown in the picture), or if the sides will cover the frame entirely. Then frame up an access door and install the deck boards. Mount the hinges and a latch, and install the door. Frame out the top and install it.

To finish the project, paint it to match your house colors to make it blend in and last a long time. I mounted this box to the side of the home with metal L-brackets. I think this Pallet Gas Meter Cover-Up really cleans up the look of the side of my home.

Editor’s note: Check with your local utility company. Not all companies have switched to radio-receiver reading methods, and some still need to visualize the utility meter. If they cannot get to the box to open the door, this may not be allowed. Obscuring or covering your meter may cause errors on your utility bill or even earn you a fine in some areas.

Pallet Gas Meter Cover-up Pallet Boxes & Chests Pallets in the Garden
Pallet Gas Meter Cover-up Pallet Boxes & Chests Pallets in the Garden

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Thanks for many kinds of reused pallet inspiration…these help me to get more ideas ..

Reply to  Deny

Awesome! We hope that we’ll be seeing a creation submitted by you! If you build it – we’ll post it! Happy Palleting! Heather the admin. assistant.

1001 Pallets

Thank you for submitting it, Ricky L Saunders – nice job! Looks good against the side of your house. :-D – HeatherStiletto, admin asst.

Jevon Hamilton

Your making a gas trap for the fuel that come out of the regulators vent, if it’s propane and the bottom is open it should be fine if it’s natural gas you might want to rethink it a bit

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