Pallets in the GardenLounges & Garden SetsPallet Garden Lounge


by Squatfreak

Pallet Garden Lounge

  • 20 pallets

  • n/a

  • 40h

  • $200

With no carpentry skills at all this is my first attempt at making garden seats and table. I used 20 pallets for this project and took me in total about a week. The hardest (most boring) part was the sanding down. I used 1m x 1m pallets and cut the seats down to 70cm. The off cuts I had, I used on the table top to create a parquet effect.

Pallet Garden Lounge Lounges & Garden Sets

Pallet Garden Lounge Lounges & Garden Sets

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Aly Nne

Thibaut Mathieu je vais essayer ça

Vanessa Fouasnon

Ils ont l’air bien les 2 loulous là

La Storia di Birba

“Rubo”: grazie…


“Rubo”: grazie…

Julia Mathieu

Oui, elles aimeraient ça !

Julie Lapointe
Reply to  Julia Mathieu

En plus, on en a pleins des palettes. ;)

Julia Mathieu
Reply to  Julia Mathieu

ahah ouais ;)

Julie Lapointe

Julia Mathieu Papa pourrait faire ça pour Molly et Maya..hihi


Awesome effort mate, well done.
Rub some bees wax into it or some kind of sealer, it will age beautifully, and last a lot longer.

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