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22 Pallets Garage Bar / Mancave

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I wanted a Pallet Garage Bar/ManCave for a while. I made this one from 22 pallets, and it took me about 24 hours to complete, but I'm very happy with the outcome!

How I got my dream Pallet Garage Bar/ManCave:

My grandfather was a joiner by trade, and my father-in-law is also a joiner. So if I got stuck, I had experienced people to go to for advice. I also come from an engineering background, so my main aim was to keep it simple and straightforward.

I started by nailing SA lighters laths to the wall with steel nails. Next, I started attaching the pallet deck boards. I didn't start out with any plan in mind and just wanted to get them on the walls. While this was starting, I was getting a new kitchen installed. I reclaimed the wooden floor and installed it in my Garage Bar.

The kitchen fitters helped me choose a laminate wood worktop for the actual bar. I built the 6' frame for the bar and simply added the pallet deck boards. I made a shelf in the body of the bar for the sound system amplifiers, the gaming equipment, and laptop. I made the choice to leave the pallets fairly rough and rustic. I like the warmth the wood provides and enjoy seeing the uniqueness of the different tones, textures, and sizes of boards. I used splintered, broken and damaged boards, too. I think they add a lot of interest!

Once everything was installed, I had a lot of fun decorating. The decorations are bits and pieces I have gathered over the years.

In total, I spent about a month of working on my Pallet Garage Bar off and on. I spent a few hours each evening and used about 22 pallets for this project. Although that sounds like a lot, it was a labor of love, and now I have this room!

22 Pallets Garage Bar / Mancave Pallet Bars Pallet Walls & Pallet Doors
22 Pallets Garage Bar / Mancave Pallet Bars Pallet Walls & Pallet Doors
22 Pallets Garage Bar / Mancave Pallet Bars Pallet Walls & Pallet Doors
22 Pallets Garage Bar / Mancave Pallet Bars Pallet Walls & Pallet Doors

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Mèl Odie

Loki Ingman

Loki Ingman

C’est joli

Steven Johnson

OMG Daniel Collette

Kelvin Healey

Very nice. And here’s mine made with reclaimed timber.

Kris Allart

Philippe Allart lui l’a fait !! Et c’est magnifique

Philippe Allart

Je le ferai ailleurs, plus tard…!

Emilie Fleur D'ô

Robin c’est pour toi ça!!!

Robin Rizzo

Emilie Fleur D’ô faut qu’on s’y mette dessuite ^^ une chose est sur pas de lino xD

Emilie Fleur D'ô

Ouais que du vieux bon parquet de récup bien beau!!! Allez go ;)

Fourcade Camille

Cathy Fourcade

France Blanchard

C ben hot tout ça…;-)

Gaet Mts

On se fait le même. Je rêve d’avoir un chesterfield en plus. ;)

Fabien Cql

Ultimate Man caaaave !!!!! Paul Flrs Gaet Mts Aymeric Facon Amaury Mchcva

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