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by Mike B

Pallet Corner Desk

  • 3 pallets

  • easy

  • 24h

  • $2

A company I once worked with gives their pallets away, so I go there a lot. I removed the planks with a hammer and pry bar. Figured out the design, ripped the boards to size on a table saw, and cut boards to size. I was able to use some of the old nails to try to keep with the rustic feel. To have proper strength and stability, I did need to use screws in some locations. I also did little initials of our kids names to personalize it.

Pallet Corner Desk Pallet Desks & Pallet Tables
Pallet Corner Desk Pallet Desks & Pallet Tables

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What did you nail the pallets into? Love this and want to make it.

Lance Bridgers

Hey! I made that. Thanks for posting it 1001 Pallets.

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