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Pallet Chaise Lounger

My 1st woodworking project! I’m very excited to join this community and wanted to make myself a lounger after using the cheap plastic ones that rot and break. I checked out the price of sturdy wooden ones, and they were outrageous! So, here’s my first go at the DIY pallet reuse process. I have a yellow Camaro and wanted to paint the chair to honor it and to make it more durable/resistant to the weather. I also used some scrap wood from the project to repair two old aluminum chairs that have been in my family for a long time but were worn and weathered. I spent some time restoring those chairs in between waiting for layers of paint to dry, etc… So that’s why the chaise is with the chairs!

Pallet Chaise Lounger Lounges & Garden Sets
Pallet Chaise Lounger Lounges & Garden Sets
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Jack Armstrong
Jack Armstrong

Absolutely Fabulous! Very talented! It’s amazing when you combine talent with creativity what you come up with!

Positive Mitsakos
Positive Mitsakos


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