Pallet Projects is your source of inspiration when renovating during your home improvement project with DIY pallet projects. Skip the stores and save lots of money by building it yourself using free, recycled pallets. It’s good for your wallet, and good for the environment. Why not change your floor with a one from pallets? Have you ever think to renovate your staircase with pallets?

Your wall and doors could also be made from repurposed wooden pallets, as your ceiling & roof! And, if you are a professional, we also have plenty of ideas for your restaurant, store or bar decorations from recycled pallets!

Outstanding Vaulted Ceiling Pallet Wall

Pallets Plus Tin Makes Stunning Wainscoting!

Vintage Barber Shop Decorated Using Pallets!

I Used Pallets For My Dining Room Accent Wall

3 Ways to Use Wood Pallets to Improve Your Garage

Upcycle Old Wood Into Astounding Pallet Stairways

Install This Diy Pallet Wall for Less than 50 Dollars!

Top 5 November Pallet Crafts of 2017 You Picked!

Metal-topped Rolling Pallet Kitchen Island

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