by Melissa Squires

Pallet Bench

Recycled & Reused pallet wood into benches.

Pallet Bench Pallet Benches, Pallet Chairs & Stools

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Kiwa Kokiri-Taiaroa

Now one can never have enough benches!

Anna Makai

like it :)

Scrapie CoCo

Ohhhh ich bin endzückt ….

Berna Ruiz
Berna Ruiz
Reply to  Scrapie CoCo

Yes It is!1

Raphael Gagnon
Reply to  Scrapie CoCo

no it ain’t, 1 pallet on 1000 dont have 2 inch or more space between the boards, and not any pallet have 4×4 x 12 wood pieces….

Jeanne Morales

These are all cute designs but they aren’t made from real pallets. These are new wood.

Anne Lavergne
Anne Lavergne


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