Pallet FurniturePallet Benches, Pallet Chairs & StoolsPallet & Cable Drum Benches


by Paul Sherwood

Pallet & Cable Drum Benches

Beautiful complete outdoor set from pallets. Here are the comments of Paul, who submitted this post:

My 1st Three Pallet Benches, finished and delivered!
One single Pallet used and One Wooden Cable Drum used on each Bench.
2 x Two Seater’s & 1 x three Seater!
All complete with side shelve’s, well you have to have somewhere for your Beer / Wine Don’t you?
Hope you like them, Please leave any comments.

Pallet & Cable Drum Benches Pallet Benches, Pallet Chairs & Stools
Pallet & Cable Drum Benches Pallet Benches, Pallet Chairs & Stools
Pallet & Cable Drum Benches Pallet Benches, Pallet Chairs & Stools

Pallet & Cable Drum Benches Pallet Benches, Pallet Chairs & Stools
Pallet & Cable Drum Benches Pallet Benches, Pallet Chairs & Stools

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Amanda Jason Mclean

Andy Gosling. Can turn or drums into this lol

Andy Gosling

New office furniture

Andy Gosling

They are pretty cool. Don’t look to difficult either

Amanda Jason Mclean

Na They look easy as

Louie Stephenson

Curl La Franchi something for to make lol

Nanette LaFranchi

I’ll get him onto it lou. Love them.

Louie Stephenson

Give the old something to do,lol

John Byrne


Missti Gri

Hubert Tululu les tiens sont plus beaux car tu n’as pas coupé les cercles ???

Hubert Tululu
Reply to  Missti Gri

Ça mignon ?

Rebecca Maturo

Mariella De Santo!!! Le stade ultime ;)

Andreas Frukten Iversen

Angelica Johansson

Bastien Dub

RomainDuDur petite amélioration pour 2018 les reposes verres ;)

Romain DuDur
Reply to  Bastien Dub

C’est deja prevu tkt

Mathieu Doucet

Daneault Tommy

Cédric Mahe

Lili DeWitte

Guns N Noses

Anja Rohrdiek

Anja Rohrdiek
Reply to  Guns N Noses

Wann willst du anfangen? ;-)

Jody Griffiths

Nerida Waddington Giles wow look at these..

Cindy Droisy Delaplace

Dare Foker pour cet été

Jean Talu

Melki Sèdèk

Stephen Cutuli


Marianne Rose

Saw it and liked it straight away. It has certainly given me some ideas for the LEP

Craig Windle

Barry Copas

Barry Copas
Reply to  Craig Windle

too late !!!! Pallets and a cable drum last year…..

Eldbjørg Fagerhaug

Kristoffer Thorvaldsen

Brittany Barnes

Super cool!

Julie Cuthbertson

Next commision from us for Fiona Gilfillan

Fiona Gilfillan

If you can get more reels from Colin you are on.

Andy Fernie

Anne Kinnell

JA Jacqueline Ann

Mark King ;)

David Haley

Marvin Johnson

Marvin Johnson
Reply to  David Haley

Work won’t let me take them lol

Zoë Bastin

Christophe Lammypie xx

Carrie Gibson

Scott Gibson

Jalea Thompson

Maddi Sixtyseven how cool are these!?

Maddi Sixtyseven
Reply to  Jalea Thompson

Wow!! Cool. ?

Donald Jockisch


Clifford Jockisch

Donald Jockisch we need to do this get the stuff for free and I’ll help you

Kerri Mclean

Daves House I’m thinking would look great at your place

Daves House
Reply to  Kerri Mclean

Oky Doky I can but try …….

Jimmie Grobe

I’m old enough to leave the bottom round so I could do some porch rockin’.

Leonie Walshe

Jerry Walshe

Jason Hannam

Get Lee making these Melissa Jane Hannam

Barry J Wood

No good no place to put your stubby

Reply to  Barry J Wood

Did you miss the part where they have attached a small shelf/bench on the sides, which would be perfect for putting your stubby?

Cass Bird

That’s pretty cool Matt Bird

Cheryl Rodway

Jacqui need these for the paddock

Jacqui Cuthbertson
Reply to  Cheryl Rodway

Omg yes! They’re awesome!

Cheryl Rodway

Ida new projects for dad


how much do you sell them at


I’ve wanting to buy outside furniture and you just solved my problem thanks


I dont care what language it is…they’re awesome! Beautiful job!!


Do you have instructions on how to make these Pallet and cable drum benches? I just love them and would like to make one! Thank you so much. Have a good day. :)


Did you consider making these rocking? I don’t know if that was possible but I think it would be cool. Thanks for sharing.

Ny Bij
Ny Bij


Jonny Child
Jonny Child

That’s cool

Kelli Callaghan

I do not mind your posts..But have them in English first.. then See Translation under it.

Alexandra Guild
Alexandra Guild

Facebook is international so please do not complain about people in other countries who might not speak English commenting in their own language. If you do not want to communicate with people in other countries, maybe you should change your privacy settings.

Kelli Callaghan

I like my settings as they are& I dont have you on my Page

Nathalie Jung
Nathalie Jung

Les ronds viennent de rouleaux de câble et les palette tu en trouve partout juste ce renseigner sinon fais une demande sur facbook ce que j ais fais 30 de recuperer

Nelly Bossart
Nelly Bossart

J’adore mais ou trouver ce genre de pallets?

Alexandra Guild
Alexandra Guild
Reply to  Nelly Bossart

Vous pouvez les trouver partout. Demandez dans les grand magazins si ils ont des pallettes que vous pourriez avoir. Quelques palletts doivent être retourner mais des autres peuvent être jetter. Celles sont pour ces projects.

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