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by Alex Jones

Pallet Adirondack Chairs

  • 2 pallets

  • medium

  • 8h

  • n/a

Why pay a lot of money for poor-quality furniture when you could build your own beautiful Pallet Adirondack Chairs! It took two pallets and about 8 hours to complete this project!

You can even make a set of unique features like this set of Pallet Adirondack Chairs:

I designed this set to have comfortable, ergonomically-curved seats and seatbacks. But, I wanted to give the set a little style, so I changed the design of the seatbacks slightly. Maybe this could be a “King & Queen” chair set? I sanded everything smooth, then applied a stain in a tone I liked.

These are comfortable, practical, and beautiful. I hope you like them!

Pallet Adirondack Chairs Pallet Benches, Pallet Chairs & Stools
Pallet Adirondack Chairs Pallet Benches, Pallet Chairs & Stools

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Percy Malevu

cutting list please!!


Yes I will

Cristian Cialé

Adirondack pallet chairs…

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