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by Tom

Outdoor Pallet Shower

I initially just had a shower mounted on the wall but thought it might look better if covered. It didn’t turn out quite as I wanted, but you can get the idea.

Outdoor Pallet Shower Lounges & Garden Sets

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Trace Zajonskowski

Glen Zajonskowski

Walt Zeeland

thats cool !!

Tina Spurgeon

Cool idea

Wanda Bennett

I wouldn’t have put it so close to the electrical box (if that is what that is) maybe it has something to do with the water, I dont know. Just sayin.

Joe Quizan
Joe Quizan
Reply to  Wanda Bennett

copper piping. Must be a water source

Shaun Moczar

Good idea :)

Nathalie Durrenbach

ha oui pas mal du tout

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