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Outdoor Pallet Lounge Seat

  • 3 pallets

  • hard

  • 4h

  • free

If you build a Pallet Bar, you have to build an Outdoor Pallet Lounge Seat to go with it! This build took three pallets and only four hours to build.

How to Build your own Outdoor Pallet Lounge Seat:

I made this pallet lounge seat in about four hours out of three pallets some friends gave to me. It may not look like it, but the chair is actually quite comfortable.  I sanded everything fairly smooth but kept the rustic feel of the pallets because I liked it.

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Harry Sparks
Harry Sparks

need new ideas for wood pallets

John Rossier

This is utter garbage

Larry Lonsdale
Larry Lonsdale

Awesome pics and ideas don’t know where to start

Reply to  Larry Lonsdale

I 100% agree! This site makes me giddy with excitement. :-D Looking forward to seeing what you decide to make first! Happy Palleting!

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