Pallet FurniturePallet BarsNice-sized, Curvaceous Two-toned Pallet Bar

Nice-sized, Curvaceous Two-toned Pallet Bar

  • 4 pallets

  • medium

  • 25h

  • $30

I had four pallets left from my summer pallet hunt so before work for three days straight I worked on this Curvaceous Two-Toned Pallet Bar. It’s small so that it would fit on most patios, decks, or back yards, but it’s got plenty of storage and a comfortable work area.

Curvaceous Two-Toned Pallet Bar Tools Needed:

The tools I used:

  • table saw
  • jigsaw
  • crowbar
  • two drills (one to pre-drill; one as the driver)
  • a miter saw
  • an electric sander & a small boat load of sandpaper
  • Everything is attached with outdoor deck screws

Curvaceous Two-Toned Pallet Bar

First, I framed out the basic shape of the bar with pallet stringers. Next, I attached deck boards to both sides and trimmed it out with more deck boards that I ripped down to size. The front panel and top are both pieces of plywood, as well as the shelves in the work area. I cut the top of the bar to have a comfortable “C” shape so that I can move and easily stay close to the work surface for comfort.  To finish it off I used two different types of stain, walnut and natural. I plan on sealing the bar with a UV-resistant Spar Varnish for long-term protection. Additionally, I’ll add LED lights under the table top for some nighttime ambiance. I may get even more ambitious and make some bar stools, but one step at a time!

Nice-sized, Curvaceous Two-toned Pallet Bar Pallet Bars

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