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Multi-function Coat Rack from Pallet Wood & Old Window

  • 1 pallet

  • medium

  • 10h

  • $24

To decorate my house entrance, while welcoming the guests of the house as it should be, this multi-function coat rack in a Bohemian style with cheerful colors can hang clothes, leave small words on the magnetic board, has a shelf, 2 empty pockets, a mirror, key hooks, and even a vase and a golden cherub.

This coat rack was built from one single wood pallet and an old window recovered. This multifunctional piece of furniture has been painted, patinated, varnished and trimmed, it's real ecological craftsmanship!

Materials needed:

  • Old window
  • pallet wood
  • Apple Barrel Acrylic Paint Set, 18 Piece...
  • Paper and sanding brush
  • Glossy spray varnish
  • Screw and drill
  • Jigsaw
  • A cheap mirror
  • Mod Podge Waterbase Sealer, Glue, and Finish...
  • Coat hooks and small key...
  • Decorative elements: here an upcycled vase and an angel in plaster
  • Solid wall ties
  • Metal oven plate

Step-by-step instructions to build this multi-function coat rack from pallet wood & old window:

  1. I measured the size of the pallet window frame and cut-out board at a length.
  2. Sanded and painted the window frame and the board with blue turquoise.
  3. Cut into a piece of pallet wood a rack for the shelf.
  4. Drill & screw the board and the rack to build the stage.
  5. Add touches of other colors with a brush or a sponge to have a bohemian patina effect.
  6. Cut a pallet board to the right size and slats that will accommodate the mirror and cover them with towels in several layers with mod podge.
  7. Drill and screw to the frame
  8. Paint an upcycled metal oven plate, sticking reminiscent patterns of towels, it becomes a magnetic table to drill, screw and place on the window frame.
  9. Screw two cachepots that will serve as empty pocket and screw coat hooks.
  10. Fix a board with small hooks at regular intervals to hang keys.
  11. Provide a hook to put the little decorative angel.
  12. Stick the mirror and screw the mirror frame and its shelf.
  13. Coat a vase of napkins with the mod podge and screw a small board to put it down
  14. Varnish all the wooden set and the vase

Voilà, you now have a multi functional coat rack from an old window and pallet wood.

Dimensions: 70 X 70 X 20 cm

Pour décorer une entrée, tout en accueillant les hôtes de la maison comme il se doit, ce panneau mural d'entrée permet de suspendre des habits, de laisser des petits mots sur le tableau magnétique, comporte une étagère, 2 vide poches, un miroir, des crochets à clefs, et même un vase et un angelot doré. Ce meuble multifonctions a été peint, patiné, vernis et garni de découpage, c'est du véritable artisanat écologique!


Resources for this project:

Bio: J'aime détourner les objets de leur fonction première et que par magie, ils deviennent un nouvel o... read more

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