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I made this unique and easy Mitered Pallet Frame in about an hour, and didn't even need a full pallet to do it! I really like my little piece of art, and want to do more pallet projects!

I found a few pallets here and there and my little Hyundai 2 door was just the right size to fit a couple of pallets into, but a lot of work 1) finding them and 2) getting them apart! When I was looking at the pile of wood I had, after all, that, I couldn't think of what I could do with those few wood panels that would justify hauling and dismantling them both... but well, I have to admit that Home Depot took pity on me and has sent several (8, I think) boxes of vintagey-looking pallet wood, but with no nails or unwanted crazy splits or anything, already stained, but unevenly, so that they look more like pallet wood that just happened to be pretty enough and useful. Well, when I saw this pile of cartons sitting on my front stoop, I couldn't stop the ideas from coming! So, I'm here to show off my initial piece of 'pallet wood' from Home Depot!

This Mitered Pallet Frame was fast and fun:

First, I had to find the pallets. I located some and hauled them to my home. After that, I had to take them apart, check for remaining nails, etc. and stacked them. I finished the prep on the wood, and then I cut a few pieces on the miter saw and played with different joint styles until I liked the finished product. I sanded it down smooth; then I installed some simple retaining hardware for the picture and the glass covering it. I like my new frame and wall art!

I feel like now that I've started building with pallets, the ideas just keep coming! This is an exciting and fun hobby to get into!


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