Pallet ProjectsMaking A Dust / Shavings Collector

Making A Dust / Shavings Collector

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I like to surface plane all my pallet boards before starting construction on a new piece to get them a more uniform thickness and to clean them up nicely for staining, etc. My problem was that the planer kicks out a lot of dust and shavings that I then have to sweep and shovel up to dump. And that’s not to mention the almost impossible job of removing dust off the outdoor pallet furniture, etc. as I don’t have a workshop.

So I started researching ideas on how to make a dust collector since there aren’t any that I could find that are commercially available. For a very small cost, I was able to manufacture my own nicely working collector that grabs all the shavings, makes it easy to dump and removes most of the dust from a planning session.

Making A Dust / Shavings Collector Pallet Projects
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General Bigfoot
General Bigfoot

Is there a shop vac attached or does it just collect whatever gets thrown in it?

Yay, thanks for sharing. I really need to do this.

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