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Handy Laundry Sorting/Folding Table

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I saw a laundry rack that inspired me to make this Handy Laundry Sorting/Folding Table. I think I saw it around somewhere on this site (or maybe elsewhere, but we won’t talk about that, ha ha). It looked like it was doable, and I gave it a try!

My version of a Handy Laundry Sorting/Folding Table:

First, I used boards that I had already cut from pallets, so I don’t know how many I used. I would guess about 1.5 pallets worth of boards total. It was a lot easier once I got a circular saw. I was using a jig saw to do most of my cuts but could never get a straight edge. Next, I cut some pallet stringers to the length of the legs I wanted. Then, I built a rectangular frame to be just slightly larger than my laundry baskets. I attached the legs to the inside corners of the frame, securing the legs from two sides for stability. Next, I added two horizontal support pieces to each set of legs out of more stringer board. This keeps the legs from wobbling but also holds a laundry basket on each set. Space them the way you need them.

Handy Laundry Sorting/Folding Table – finishing it up:

To finish, I topped the table with more deck boards and sanded the piece to prevent snagging or pulling any threads on my laundry. Finally, I sealed it with a clear polyurethane to protect it and to make a smoother surface for folding clothes.

I love learning new techniques and new things to build! Thank you 1001 pallets for the inspirations!

Editor’s note: Thanks to you, and to all of our crafters – we’re here because of you! Happy Palleting – HS.

Handy Laundry Sorting/Folding Table Pallet Desks & Pallet Tables
Handy Laundry Sorting/Folding Table Pallet Desks & Pallet Tables

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