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by Chris Recoske

Gorgeous Outdoor Pallet Table

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I made this Gorgeous Outdoor Pallet Table in one afternoon. We initially made six very simple pallet chairs as a summer project a couple of years ago, but I didn’t have a good table to match. This year my wife thought we should make some tables to go with our chairs. I started collecting pallets for that project and originally made a very basic table by stacking and screwing them together. I put a piece of plywood on top to create the table top. However, I still had more pallets and wood leftover and wanted to build something more elaborate.  Here’s what I came up with. I used about four pallets for this table, as well as some leftover screws and stain from other projects.

Here’s how I built this Gorgeous Outdoor Pallet Table in one afternoon:

I used 2×4″ boards for the legs and the sub-frame. I used the pallet deck boards to create the top, cutting them to different widths and mitering the corners for a more finished look. I trimmed the edges with more deck boards, sanded it, but left some of the rustic characters of the pallet wood intact. I stained it to highlight the grain and I’m pleased with it!

My Pallet Chair Build if you’re curious:

First, I found several pallets that were the same size.  We stacked three pallets on top of one another and secured them. I didn’t have to build separate legs! We screwed another pallet to the back of the 3-pallet stack, and this became the backrest. I sanded them and painted them black.

We bought the seat cushions at our local Ikea store (we lucked out and found some that were the same size of our pallets). We found back cushions at a Habitat Restore store that were pretty cheap. We removed the existing covers and had our daughters and our exchange student sew nicer covers with the help of one our “crafty” friends.

We’re really pleased with this Gorgeous Outdoor Pallet Table, and it looks great with the pallet chairs!

Gorgeous Outdoor Pallet Table Pallet Coffee Tables
Gorgeous Outdoor Pallet Table Pallet Coffee Tables
Gorgeous Outdoor Pallet Table Pallet Coffee Tables

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Jared Gaeta

Absolutely gorgeous

1001 Pallets
Reply to  Jared Gaeta

We absolutely agree! <3 -HS.


Luv the mitres, nice effect

Reply to  Roddas

Yes! I agree too. Funny how just a little angled cut can really elevate a piece. :-D But it’s good when someone does try something different and shares it. We all benefit. This site has taught ME a lot. I love to see how creative everyone is. As always, Happy Palleting! Heather the admin assistant.

France Blanchard

très jolie…;-)

Lorraine Markham

Want one just need the special person to do it to finish off my coffee/reading space in the garden….Please Mr Martin Bingham if you have a spare pallet or two!!!!!

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