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Garden Pallet Lighthouse

A garden lighthouse I made for the garden out of a pallet and a few other recycled materials. I have done a step by step video of how I made it:

Garden Pallet Lighthouse Lounges & Garden Sets

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Mindy Draves

Christy Neaher

Christy Neaher
Reply to  Mindy Draves

I like it!!!

Marcus Abela
Marcus Abela

Thanks so you have a pdf instructable


This some nice work

Dawn Rook
Dawn Rook

Nice doesn’t quite cut it !
Thank you so much for making the video it makes building one myself so much easier, and Thankyou just doesn’t seem enough either, it’s also given me ideas for another project I’ve had buzzing around my head for ages and just couldn’t see a way of doing it .
Once again Thankyou!

Dawn Rook

I would like this

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