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by Créa Eco Palettes

Framed Pallet Headboard / Tête De Lit

  • 4 pallets

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  • 4h

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This Framed Pallet Headboard was fairly easy to make and took me about four hours to build. It was a nice project to try out my new workshop, and we’re pleased with how it came out!

Here’s our Framed Pallet Headboard:

First, I gathered and dismantled a few pallets. I cut the frame pieces out of stringer boards, cutting them to the bed dimensions and height I wanted. I built a sub-frame for a place to mount the deck boards too, and secured it with screws. Next, I began puzzle-piecing deck boards in, staggering the joint lines, but I had fun with putting darker-toned wood as the focal center section. Initially, I secured the deck boards with a pneumatic nail gun, but also used screws to strengthen the overall build.

Finishing it up, I applied the top and outer frame and secured them in place after sanding the center section. Next, I sanded the outer frame, and then I applied two coats of varnish. I allowed it to dry between coats and very lightly sanded per the container’s instructions.

This fairly simple Framed Pallet Headboard only took about a ½ day and was a nice addition to our room.  We hope you like it and are inspired to build your own pallet projects!

Démontage des palettes. Découpe des palettes aux cotes. ponçage Assemblage avec un cloueur pneumatique, vissage pour solidifier le tout. Re-ponçage 2 couche de vernis 1/2 journée de travail dans mon nouvel atelier pas encore organisé ;-) Pas de difficulté particulière .

Framed Pallet Headboard / Tête De Lit Pallet Beds, Pallet Headboards & Frames
Framed Pallet Headboard / Tête De Lit Pallet Beds, Pallet Headboards & Frames

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Glen Roberts

I love all this stuff I see that is made from reclaimed pallets, however, I think it should be limited to outdoor use. A while back I read an article about a couple who both became severely ill around the same time and were both hospitalized. It turns out they had made a headboard from reclaimed pallets and the chemicals in the wood was what caused their illness.

Barbara Tibbetts
Reply to  Glen Roberts

Research and caution should be used to work safely with any reuse product.


You are absolutely right, Barbara! And thank you for showing the link to our pallet safety page. Whenever you’re going to use pallets for an indoor project, particularly one that you’ll be near a lot (such as headboards), it’s always a good idea to know how your pallets are treated (heat treated is BEST – “HT” on the pallets). Always, ALWAYS default to being cautious of your health. When in doubt, throw that pallet out (or at least use it in your shed to elevate things in case of a heavy rain or something). The other consideration – what was… Read more »

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