Pallets in the GardenPallet Sheds, Cabins, Huts & PlayhousesFirewood Shed From Recycled Pallets

Firewood Shed From Recycled Pallets

  • 6 pallets

  • medium

  • 5h

  • $20

I was able to obtain 6 wood pallets from a local shipping company near me, which was enough to build this firewood shed to store my wood. I started by disassembling them and stacking the boards according to width.

I then knew the length of boards and how many I had. I created the first drawings to be a 6′ tall by 6′ wide and 18″ deep. I then scaled the height down to 52″ as it seemed to be a little top heavy when there was not much split wood in it. Overall it ended up being 6′ wide by 52″ tall and 18″ deep with a 15-degree roof line.

I worked about 4-5 hours to complete and covered the entire project with Behr Transparent Waterproofing Wood Finish in Natural Oak to protect and preserve the structure for years to come. I applied two coats over two days time following the directions on the gallon container.

Now that my shed is ready, I can start searching for some firewood for sale near me!

Firewood Shed From Recycled Pallets Pallet Sheds, Cabins, Huts & Playhouses
Firewood Shed From Recycled Pallets Pallet Sheds, Cabins, Huts & Playhouses

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would have had a solid floor dirt and bark will fall in between the cracks making it hard to clean other than that looks good


quel quantité de bois faut-il

Désirée Duchesne

Ohhh Patrick pour corder le bois

Christopher White

The roof should be angled away from the house.

Jayme Minnick

Lol! Wes built one:)

Jason Zimny

Jayme, if only I had a workshop.

mahmoud mazel
mahmoud mazel

its a great idea .
well done, you just gave me an idea for my winter 2 week holiday .i will be making the same to keep my wood dry for the colds nights.thanks for sharing your ideas .keep up the good work guys.

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