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by Reggie Giles

Fabric Inlay Pallet Coffee Table

  • 1 pallet

  • medium

  • 4h

  • n/a

I wanted something to match my sofa. I had a piece of fabric, one pallet, and some scrap wood, so I made this Fabric Inlay Pallet Coffee Table.

How I made this Fabric Inlay Pallet Coffee Table:

First, I built the frame of the table, using dimensions that would fit my home. I built the table top, mitering the corners. I then trimmed the piece of material into a neat square and attached it to the center of my table. I used more scrap pieces to trim out and hide the edges of the material, again mitering the corners. I stained it a rich brown color to go with my sectional sofa. We’re very pleased with it, and perhaps it’ll inspire you to make something from pallets and leftover materials too.

Fabric Inlay Pallet Coffee Table Pallet Coffee Tables

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