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by Crymsyn

Effective Pallet 4-legged Baby Gate/Door

  • 1 pallet

  • easy

  • 1.5h

  • $6.3

After adopting a third dog, sometimes changes have to happen. Our new addition has proven to prefer the things scavenged from my kitchen cabinets, and the cupboards, and stove. I decided to attempt to build a Pallet 4-Legged Baby Gate/Door to my kitchen.

Our Pallet 4-Legged Baby Gate/Door:

My husband and I tore down one 4′ x 3′ pallet composed of rough-sanded pine. However, the center board was 5.5″ across and the three support boards behind were left intact. These boards formed our “frame.” Next, we used the leftover boards and hammered out all of the old nails. Finally, we screwed them down so that there were no gaps.

We trimmed about 2″ off of each side of the door using a Sawzall after completing the assembly.  After dry-fitting the door, we attached it directly to the door frame with hinges and used a hook-and-eye closure on both sides. Eventually, we’ll sand, apply a finish and seal it, but for now, it’s a functional fix that lets us keep our new rescue and our food.

Effective Pallet 4-legged Baby Gate/Door Pallet Walls & Pallet Doors
Effective Pallet 4-legged Baby Gate/Door Pallet Walls & Pallet Doors

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Sorry Marie, I am not great with French language translation anymore, what is “Aurely ballet”? I understood that the rest says “for dogs is better”.

Brian Meikle

Sad you need to put a hole in door so the doggie can see out .How would you like to be behind a gate and can’t see anybody and you love your dog yea right

Ben Ptj

Patrick Martin

Marie El Miira

Aurely Ballet pour les chiens cest mieux

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