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Drum Table Pallet Bench Set / Table Touret Et Ses Bancs

  • 1 pallet

  • hard

  • 50h

  • $80

The Drum Table Pallet Bench Set is made from a large drum that I dismantled. I cut part of one side off to create the foot of the table, but turned those cut parts into a set of benches!

Drum Table Pallet Bench Set:

First, I cut one side off to create a smaller foot for the table out of the drum. Next, I turned those cut-off pieces into benches by using joists made from pallet wood that I half-lapped for strength. I added cross-bracing between the legs to keep the benches stable when wiggled side-to-side. Once assembled, I sanded it three times with grains 36, 80 and 120-grit. Next, I varnished it in 3 layers sanding between each coat with 240-grit paper. The benches are made from the drum cheeks. I sanded and finished the table in the same manner. This table set will seat 8 to 10 people comfortably! All the wood was upcycled/recycled. The only expenses are the hardware, the sandpaper, and the varnish, totaling about 80 euros.

La table est réalisée à partir d'un touret d'1m60 que j'ai démonté entièrement pour recouper une joue en guise de pieds.

Une fois remontée, je l'ai poncé 3 fois avec des grains 36, 80 et 120, puis vernis en 3 couches avec ponçage au grain 240 entre chaque couche.

Les bancs sont réalisés à partir d'une joue de touret d'1m90 que j'ai recoupé ; et avec des poutrelles de palettes à parpaings, j'y ai fait leurs pieds. Même traitement que pour la table en terme de ponçage et protection.

8 à 10 personnes peuvent s'y attabler!

Le tout est issu de récupération, les seuls dépenses sont la quincaillerie, le papier à poncer et le vernis, soit 80euros.

Drum Table Pallet Bench Set1
Drum Table Pallet Bench Set2
Drum Table Pallet Bench Set3

Drum Table Pallet Bench Set4
Drum Table Pallet Bench Set5
Drum Table Pallet Bench Set6
Drum Table Pallet Bench Set7
Drum Table Pallet Bench Set8
Drum Table Pallet Bench Set9
Drum Table Pallet Bench Set10

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Jana Newell Chambers

Stacy Mccutchen-Smith lets do this with your spool

Sarah Munroe

love it


Hi, this is very, very nice

Vico Grottschreiber

Ingo Breddin

Eileen Shilling Willms

love this! what a terrific idea!

FLAB arredo pallets

Complimenti, ho fatto diversi lavori con le bobine, ma non avevo pensato di utilizzare gli scarti di lavorazione per far la panca. Presto vedrete la mia abbinata al mio tavolo.

Congratulations, I did several jobs with the cops, but I had not thought to use the scraps to the bench. You’ll soon see my combination to my table.

Georges Bonneteau

Super sympa cette table avec les bancs !

Angeli Martens

Violon Hathaway, un futur projet

Susan Hone

I always liked the spools and actually did manage to put a mosaic on top of one….got a lot of compliments.


I wish you would post a photo. Such a cool idea! Happy Holidays!

Philippe Barbosa

j’ai trouvé le touret de câble, reste plus qu’à le récupérer ;)

Rob Cooper


Romain Courot

Philippe Barbosa la ca serait la classe mondial ;)

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