Pallet FurniturePallet Sofas & CouchesDiy: Chillout Pallet Sofa


by Marta Funniest

Diy: Chillout Pallet Sofa

Perfect weekend project saving pallets! Free tutorial at 2nd Funniest Thing website !

Diy: Chillout Pallet Sofa Pallet Sofas & Couches

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Pedro Santos
Pedro Santos

Tá fxolas…mas pequena para mim! :P

Ricardo Gonçalves de Barros
Ricardo Gonçalves de Barros
Reply to  Pedro Santos

Eu pensei em cama para a Sudha!

Steven Bell
Steven Bell

I think that it might be a little too ‘pallet’ and not enough ‘sofa’ for us.

Ricardo Gonçalves de Barros
Ricardo Gonçalves de Barros

Pedro Santos Primo olha esta ideia!

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Marta Funniest via Facebook

Thanks again!!

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