Pallet FurniturePallet Desks & Pallet TablesDesk Made from a Recycled Large Pallet

Desk Made from a Recycled Large Pallet

Large pallet transformed into a desk or computer table.

Desk Made from a Recycled Large Pallet Pallet Desks & Pallet Tables

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Vera Vary
Vera Vary

Hi Jamie,

My son is Autistic and very interested in woodwork. He goes to the “Men’s Shed” in Perth, WA.
He wants to make a table for his computer. Is it possible for you to send us the plans for the above ( desk or computer table) It is simple enough for him to make it.

A concerned mum.

Rouchelle-Anne Cooke

Carmen Mulder

Carmen Mulder

That’s beautiful!

Kirschbaum Laurent

Le tableau électrique , est au mauvais endroit .;)


That is a very slick desk. Well done!

Jaime Ferrero
Jaime Ferrero

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