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by Duane Johnston

Daughter’s Pallet TV Stand

Created this TV stand from old pallets from work. Drawer at the bottom to hold odds and ends or just for looks and two shelves to hold the TV and DVD etc.

Daughter’s Pallet TV Stand Pallet TV Stands & Racks

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Frederic Langlet

ludo j’adore votre photo de profil soit dit au passage lol

Ludo Tao Paypay
Ludo Tao Paypay

A rouxmesnil bouteilles a dieppe 76

Ludo Tao Paypay
Ludo Tao Paypay

Des palettes gratuites….venez a la pum

Aaron Horn

Geri Bell she’s a cracker!

Janet Louks Hustek

That is beautiful.

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