Pallet Home Décor IdeasChunky, Festive Pallet Wood Tree

Chunky, Festive Pallet Wood Tree

  • 1 pallet

  • easy

  • 3h

  • $5

Here’s my idea for a Fun, Easy Festive Pallet Wood Tree for your porch or yard! My friends love it and want trees for their yards too!

My Festive Pallet Wood Tree:

First, find a pallet and remove the bottom deck boards and blocks. Next, simply draw or snap a line in a triangular shape on both sides of the center stringer board and cut through the deck boards with a power saw. Then, either use pieces of the leftover stringer boards or scrap 2×4″s to create the chunky and functional pedestal of the tree. Finally, let the painting or staining begin. I chose to paint mine white to make it feel more wintery and topped it with some lights, garland, and a few ornaments.

Chunky, Festive Pallet Wood Tree Pallet Home Décor Ideas

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John Mortifee

I agree

William Carpenter

And some more….lol

William Carpenter

These are some of the ones my SEN kids made at college last term…….

James Mortifee

John Mortifee ours was better. 😂

Vladimir Kuje

This xmas tree grew out of the old shelfs and pallet cube. Merry Christmas :-)

Alice Gorrie

next year i will do one

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