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Cheery Pallet Potting / Craft Table

  • 5 pallets

  • easy

  • 5h

  • $20

If you need a work surface, why not have fun with it? Check out this Cheery Pallet Potting / Craft Table. It’s functional AND would make anyone smile looking at it!

Cheery Pallet Potting / Craft Table:

Initially, I came up with a plan to build a potting table but wanted it to be multi-purpose. Then, I made a few changes to my plan and created this work table to keep my brushes and paints organized instead of all over the floor.

To begin, I broke down five pallets but used an upper deck of one for the back portion of the table. Next, I created a frame for the lower shelf and another for the upper shelf using the stringer boards. You could substitute 2×4″ boards as well. Then, I cut four legs to length and installed them to the table top and the lower shelf. I clad the work surface and shelf with plywood. Finally, I painted the frame white, and then the slats in a rainbow of colors. I think it turned out great, and this Cheery Pallet Potting / Craft Table going to be very handy!

Cheery Pallet Potting / Craft Table Pallet Desks & Pallet Tables

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