Pallet ProjectsPallet Store, Bar & Restaurant DecorationsBar Refit With Repurposed Pallets


by Michael Martin

Bar Refit With Repurposed Pallets

Light boxes, wine racks and bar shelving made from recycled pallets for Punjab Express Restaurant in Cape Town, South Africa.

Bar Refit With Repurposed Pallets Pallet Store, Bar & Restaurant Decorations


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Tammy C
Tammy C

I love all this stuff so much. I have so many pins on pallets & crates it’s unreal. However, on your tiki bar can you pls tell me the sizes you used? Exactly what I need and want. Have the umbrella still in box & light’s etc. I was moving in apt that had a bar and was gonna do that theme. Well, the apt didn’t work out but still want a bar. Please advise back if you could. Someone just posted lot’s of pallets for free. I’d sure like to do this. Thanks & sincerely, tammy

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