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Absolutely Amazing Complete Pallet Terrace Set

  • 40 pallets

  • hard

  • 50h

  • $100

With help from friends, you could have an unbelievable  Complete Pallet Terrace set in 50 hours for under a hundred dollars! This set comes with a beautiful deck and walkway, a pallet bar, a banquette and a table.

Complete Pallet Terrace Set - the deck:

It took us fifty hours with my brother-in-law to make this terrace and furniture, bar, bench, coffee table. The terrace cover isn't made from pallets, but basically, everything else is. We purchased several 2x4"s for the deck sub-frame. Next, we laid them out to match the frames we built for the deck. We built square frames and trimmed the corners off of all four sides of each deck panel for a decorative touch. You may want to do something similar and fit it for inset tiles or a decorative pattern of boards. We built a total of 30 panels to complete the deck.

Complete Pallet Terrace Set - The banquette and bar:

First, we framed out the bar with two and a portion more pallets to create the wall.  We added more support and added more boards for a bar top. To finish the bar, we built in shelves behind and covered with the decorative bamboo fencing. Next, we installed more pallets along the back wall and framed in a narrow counter area (the banquette), and topped it with more deck boards.

 Complete Pallet Terrace Set - Seating and table:

To finish the project, we added some built-in seating. We filled in all the gaps to entirely cover the seating and vertical surfaces of the sectional. Finally, we built a convenient rectangular table that we can move around as necessary for gatherings. We used an oil preservative to protect all of our hard work.

Editor’s note: Be aware that structural improvement, such as terraces, gazebos, decks, stairs, etc., as well as storage size and placement, may require permits and inspections.  Please check with your local code enforcement or planning/zoning department to verify BEFORE you build. Projects such as this are presented for entertainment and inspiration only – it is your responsibility to build your projects according to your local regulations.

Il nous a fallu une cinquantaine d heures avec mon beau frère pour la réalisation de cette terrasse et mobilier, bar, banquette, table basse.

Pallet Terrace Set1
Pallet Terrace Set2
Pallet Terrace Set3

Pallet Terrace Set4
Pallet Terrace Set5
Pallet Terrace Set6
Pallet Terrace Set7
Pallet Terrace Set8
Pallet Terrace Set9
Pallet Terrace Set10

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How did you attach the pallet planks together?

Simone Ropers

tu fais çà tte seule ?

Janine O'Flynn

Ary says for his 3065 back yard!

Janine O'Flynn

Nice! But it was much easier on my manicure to just buy this!

Helen Dickinson

Janine O’Flynn – you could have made this?

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