Pallet Furniture4 Functional Pallet Projects You Can Pull Off With Ease

4 Functional Pallet Projects You Can Pull Off With Ease

Pallets can be used for virtually innumerable different decorations and pieces of furniture around the house. But it can be extra satisfying to turn some recycled pallets into something that doesn’t just look nice, but which actually serves a functional purpose. To that point, these are some functional pallet projects that should be easy enough to pull off.

Butcher’s Block

A lot of homeowners will argue that a butcher’s block is one of their favorite aspects of the home – or at least the kitchen. There are a lot of reasons to choose a butcher block if you have a say in your kitchen’s design. But if you have space, you can also construct one out of pallets after the fact. So often discarded, these pieces of wood can easily be stacked into what’s essentially a large block of whatever dimensions you require. And if you like, you can fit cutting boards across the top so as to make a more ordinary butcher’s block surface. One neat thing about doing it this way is that you can actually make the whole thing somewhat portable if it’s smaller or can be taken apart in sections.

Poker Table

4 Functional Pallet Projects You Can Pull Off With Ease Pallet Furniture

A lot of people don’t even really think about the poker table as a viable piece of home furniture anymore. This is partly because the so-called “poker boom” seems to be over, but it’s also because casino table games are shifting to mobile and now exist across our devices connected to the internet. But a poker table – or really just a gaming table, if you want to think of it in a more versatile way – can also be excellent to have on hand. Professional tables can cost thousands of dollars, but you can easily fashion one for yourself with pallets and something as simple as a tight-fitting velvet cloth cover. It’ll be sturdy, straight, and perfect for card games, board games, or a classic poker night.

Wine Rack

4 Functional Pallet Projects You Can Pull Off With Ease Pallet Furniture

This seems to be one of the more popular pallet projects out there, at least as far as furnishings go. Because of this, you can easily download a step-by-step guide that helps you to get a project done in as little as a few hours (provided the right materials and tools). This can give you a very attractive homemade piece of furniture that more or less doubles as décor, and which can functionally store your wine. Provided it goes with the overall look of your home (sometimes a dark finish on the wood can help with this), a pallet wine rack can be a great addition to a dining room, either resting in the corner or hanging on the wall.

Bar Counter Top

4 Functional Pallet Projects You Can Pull Off With Ease Pallet Furniture
Kitchen Makeover With Stainless Steel And Recycled Pallets

Creatively speaking there’s not a whole lot to talk about with the idea of creating a bar countertop. It’s essentially a giant block, though you can throw in some variations such as space underneath for a mini-fridge, or just shelves for storage, etc. But if you’re looking to make functional furniture from your pallets, a bar counter is definitely something to consider. It might be in your basement, along with the exterior of your house, or anywhere else you have space for it, but chances are once it’s built it’ll come in handy when you’re entertaining.

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