Child/Pet Gate From a Few Pallets

By srbarnes

We were looking for something more decorative in a child gate than what we were able to purchase from our local box store, so we came up with the idea […]

Pallet Rustic Gate

By OurRusticFamily

This fully functional rustic gate was built from 3 old shipping crates and 2 wood pallets. It has a door on the right side of the gate that can stay […]

Coffee Shop Pallet Wood Benches

By bluegrassfan76

Local coffee shop on the square in our small town asked me to make some benches.

Pallet Wood Bar with Three Shelves

By bluegrassfan76

Pallet wood bar white distressed & wipe stained legs and three honey stained shelves.

Dark Walnut Coffee Table With White Wipe Stained Frame & Legs

By bluegrassfan76

Table with dark walnut shelves and legs & frame that were painted white then distressed and wipe stained.

Create This Stripped Kitchen Table With Pallet Scraps!

By bigjohn

Wondering what to do with your pallet projects left overs?

Laminate Two Wood Types For Two-toned Pallet Wood Projects

By Karell

With the variety of wood species used as pallet wood (see what kind of wood are pallets made of) have you wanted to combine two different wood types for a […]

Oak Framed Coffee Table with Lower Shelf

By bluegrassfan76

I had a request for a pallet wood coffee table with a lower shelf and with legs stained black and the rest of the table stained Early American.

Recycled Wood Finishing Station

By HeatherStiletto

I needed a cabinet to hold all my stain, lacquer, brushes, bench cookies, rags and cup containers. I wanted them all in one location and easily accessible. So, I built […]

Think Outside The Box With Purecolor's Sustainable Fine Finishes

Think Outside The Box With Purecolor’s Sustainable Fine Finishes

By HeatherStiletto

Think Outside of the Box with PureColor’s Sustainable Fine Finishes! Blog Part 2 by Heather Stiletto. You can check part 1: Wood Stain: A Review of Purecolor Inc. Revolutionary Stains […]

How To Stain Pallet Wood: Tips for Beginners

By Neokentin

So you’ve found a beautiful wooden pallet (and checked that this pallet is safe to use for your project), and you’re ready to start your pallet project? The first step […]

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