Large Simple Pallet Mirror Frame Dresses Up The Walls

By Hesaurus

This Large Simple Pallet Mirror Frame takes only about a day to make. You will need one to two pallets and a couple of new battens to form the sub-frame […]

3 Pallet Bar Features Mod Podge Picture Top

By bobthebuilder

Began with full pallet for front, and cut 2 pallets at same size for sides. Sanded for hours and stained. For the final touch of the main part of the bar, I first put a coat of pre-stain to prepare surface. Then, printed and cut pics, glued using modpage that worked great. once dry, I applied 3 coats of epoxy. Fun to work with but make sure wood is level, and you have plastic under project. Came out really nice. Added colored lights for effect.

Sanding Pallet Wood Smooth For Your Pallet Wood Projects

By Karell

Pallet wood doesn’t always start out looking great. In fact, it frequently looks wretched! However, with some simple techniques, turn that scary, scaly wood into a work of art. Watch […]

Simple, Attractive Pallet Bird Table/Feeder

By Neokentin

The snows are receding, and Spring has sprung. I was thinking how to help our feather friends who are building their nests and planning their families so how do I help them? By creating a bird feeder/table to help them, grow big and strong. Pallets to the rescue two boards and we can build a feeder.

An Fast & Easy Way To Disassemble Pallet

By tchopko

the simple and rather way i found to dismantle pallets, a little video tutorial

Pallet Corner Desk with Shelf for Bedroom

By Bo Đỗ

My bedroom is about 10m2. It’s hard to put more furniture into since the bed is 2mx1.6m, and i decided to build a corner desk with shelf beside my bed, black and white painted . It’s straightforward and easy to assemble .


Simple Pallet Headboard

By Reuben Ellett

Total width 1670mm, height 1000mm. All fixtures done with nails. I didn’t have any lengths of wood that would make the gap in one go so I used smaller blocks […]


Just a Simple Pallet Table

By Neokentin

Table for 4/6 pers. I’ve used only 1 pallet and at its best! Table de 4 à 6 personnes. Réalisé à partir d’une seule palette en bois.


A Simple Pallet Bookshelf

By Neokentin

A small bookshelf to keep any office organized and neat! I had so many books on the floor! Now I’ve got my particular books systematically organized and Dewey decimal classified…Well, […]


Japanese Calligraphy Sandbox & Flower Beds

By Sam Feltham

This Japanese calligraphy sandbox and flower beds were created using one pallet. Once the pallet was taken apart, I sawed 16x60cm planks with 4x20cm planks. Both the sand box and […]

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