What Can I Grow in a Vertical Pallet Garden?

By Neokentin

“What can I grow in a vertical pallet garden?” Well, a lot. With a robust vertical staking and deep container, most vegetables can be grown vertically. It just depends on […]

Wife’s Raised Pallet Wood Garden Planter

By Neokentin

I made this Pallet Wood Garden Planter for my wife. The only thing that I had to purchase were various sizes of galvanized construction screws and potting soil for the […]


Pallet Window Herb Planter Box

By Neokentin

This Pallet Window Herb Planter Box was my first woodworking project using pallets as the primary wood media.  It was fun, easy, and came out great. Now I can hang it […]


Pallet Herb Planter Boxes / Kruie Tuin

By Jacquesp

If you have two pallets and a free day, you could have two Pallet Herb Planter Boxes! You can also put them on wheels. I made two of these simple planter boxes on […]


Vertical Herbs Garden

By Neokentin

Made with dollar store pots and a free pallet! I’ll harvest fresh herbs all summer long!

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