Pallet Dice Sitting Stool

Pallet Dice Sitting Stool English Tutorials Furniture

Would you like to create an original sitting stool for your home in more or less one hour? This tutorial will show you all the steps to get a stool that is lightweight yet sturdy, comfortable to sit on, and is highly functional as it can be moved around the house, giving a dynamic and entertaining experience. The cost of this stool is free as you can use scrap wood and spare paint! Download your pallet dice sitting stool plans to build this project. You need only one wood pallet to build it and you can complete this project in approximately 1 hour.

  • 1 wood pallet.
  • Approximately 1 hour to build it.
  • We evaluated this project as an easy difficulty project.

A tutorial by Tarantula3!

Pallet Dice Sitting Stool English Tutorials Furniture
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