Reclaimed Wood & Pallet Wood Night Table

By Atelier Alfama

Handmade night table made from pallet wood and other recycled wood. I made it match the reclaimed wood headboard I had made previously. I was going to leave initially it […]

Reclaimed Wood & Pallet Wood Coffee Table

By Atelier Alfama

Handmade coffee table made from recycled wood including pallet wood, old table legs that were sanded to remove a little bit of the roughness, but left with all its imperfections. […]


Reclaimed Formica Coffee Table With Pallet Wood

By Atelier Alfama

I decided to change our old and dated white Formica coffee table. I have a couple of pallets and leftover planks from previous projects so decided to take up this […]


Reclaimed Pallet Coffee Table

By Atelier Alfama

Homemade rustic white finish coffee table made of two reclaimed pallets. Measurement 47″w x 40″l x 16″h. Ideal for loft or medium/large size living room. Would also look great in […]


Kitchen Pallet Counter Top & Island

By scrapality

A counter top made of pallet boards rests on top of an old dresser covered with pallet boards.


Wall Decor Idea From Pallet Wood

By Neokentin

Love how pallet wood was reused to make this kind of wall shelf/decoration to gives a rustic touch to your interior design. Perfect inside a modern interior with some vintage […]


Rustic Pallet Hanging Shelves For The Garden


This is the first time I’ve worked with wood for about 19 years since I left school. I was inspired to become creative by seeing what can be made out […]


Rustic Pallet Coolers

By Neokentin

Here are a few of the rustic pallet coolers we have built.


Beautiful Rustic Pallet Shelf

By Neokentin

This is a shelving unit I created from a small pallet… a bit of sanding and some clear varnish to bring out the colour and to protect it and voila!

Vintage Pallet Wood Table

By Neokentin

KariAnne from Thistlewood Farm made this night table with reused pallets in a truly vintage style!

Pallet Swing for a Nice Boat Atmosphere

By Neodim

Beautiful boat atmosphere!

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