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Convertible Pallet Lounge Set

By Adopteunecaisse

When is a pallet table not a table? When the table converts to a Pallet Bench, of course! This DIY Video Tutorial will teach you how to make this Convertible […]

Fantastic Pallet Adirondack Chairs Patio Set

By Nanacali

This is our version of them. We are going to get comfortable chair cushions. They wil be great to use all year long.

Modern Stacked Pallet Patio Set

By Neokentin

You don’t have to automatically have “the rustic look” when building with pallets. Look at this Modern Stacked Pallet Patio Set for inspiration. It is elegant, airy, and beautiful, and […]

Party Perfect Pallet Patio Set Doubles As Pooch Palace

Party Perfect Pallet Patio Set Doubles As Pooch Palace

By Neokentin

We built this Perfect Pallet Patio Set in a weekend! We had a little fun and put our names on some of the pieces, too. The Patio Table also doubles […]


Relax With This Pallet Porch Table/Chair Set

By michellerfv

Porch table and chair


Propoganda 2016 Pallet Bar Extension

By scott.murray

I made this Pallet Bar Extension using pallets as shown in the pictures. The frame itself is from old attic beams and found wood from scrap yards and bins. The barrel […]


Large Pallet Sectional Sofa Set - Perfect For Parties

By bashan

Meble z palet na zamówienie.
Wykorzystujemy głównie europalety

Comfortable Modern Modular Pallet Picnic Set

By Neokentin

This Modern Modular Pallet Picnic Set project was a first for me. I had never built any furniture before and had never worked with pallets either. The goal of this […]


Concrete-topped Outdoor Pallet Table Set

By Neokentin

I made this Concrete-Topped Outdoor Pallet Table Set that measures 250 x 90 cm to be sturdy and long-lasting. I reinforced it with two squared-steel tubes to prevent the wood […]


Slate Water Fountain Pallet Balcony Set

By Neokentin

I made This Slate Water Fountain Pallet Balcony Set mostly from pallet wood. I used a total of 3 pallets, and about 50 bucks at my local Home Depot, but […]


Pallet Deck/Lounge Area

By 1Terry11

I made this Pallet Deck/Lounge Area after we had a lathe delivered at work. The lathe came with a large 12′ X 4′ wooden container that was going to be […]


Private Pallet Garden

By KitKat

When new neighbors built right on our back fence, we lost all privacy in the back garden. So I decided to create a new garden in our drive way ( we are on 1 1/2 acres ) so the driveway is big.

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